~Fratelli Aldini~ I Half Moon of Florence
Fratelli Aldini 1
October 2, 2015
(ISBN : 978-4-08-703381-6)
Takumi Aldini
Isami Aldini
Pages 212
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~Fratelli Aldini~ I Half Moon of Florence is the fourth novel of the Shokugeki no Soma series.

Summary Edit

Half Moon of Florence (フィレンツェの半月) Edit

(To be added)

In Order to Exceed His Brother (兄を超えるため) Edit

(To be added)

Our Light (わたしたちの光) Edit

(To be added)

Welcome to Polar Star Dormitory! (極星寮へようこそ!) Edit

(To be added)

Mimasaka Subaru's Heart Pumping Diary (美作昴のどっきゅんドキドキ日記) Edit

(To be added)

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