Vegetable Fritters
Anime | Manga
Vegetable Fritters (anime)
Chef Daigo Aoki
Primary Ingredients Vegetables
Cuisine Type Western
Menu Category Snack
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 7
Anime Debut Episode 4

Vegetable Fritters is a dish made by Daigo Aoki during Sōma Yukihira's welcome party in the Polar Star Dormitory.


A vegetable fritter made with fresh vegetables from the Polar Star Dormitory. It also has boiled chicken strips added to it to add more flavor.


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Real FactsEdit

Fritter is a name applied to a wide variety of fried foods, usually consisting of a portion of batter or breading which has been filled with bits of meat, seafood, fruit, or other ingredients. And it is not a vegan food.