• Zergrinch

    Who Wants a Panorama?

    September 26, 2015 by Zergrinch

    I like panoramas.  Like 'em a lot.  What do you think?

    1. Totsuki
    2. Soma Yukihira: the Ultimate Sore Loser
    3. Erina Nakiri: Arabian Nights foodgasm
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    Episode 23 Synopsis

    September 14, 2015 by Zergrinch

    This is a work-in-progress.

    Judging begins for Ryō Kurokiba's curry dish. Natsume Sendawara notices a strange fragrance, and takes a second bite for the first time. She is visibly impressed with the dish, identifying the base as Sauce Américaine made from crab shells. The tree-like fragrance she detected came from cognac. Ryō confirms that he used Napoléon Cognac, impressing the judges and even the watching Erina Nakiri. However, Sōma Yukihira wonders if there is more to the dish.

    Before the judges revealed his score, Ryo puts on his headband, changing into his berserk mode. Presenting the judges with five cognac-filled droppers, he demands that they drip it into the lobster's head, and slurp up the contents. Natsume protests at the crudene…

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  • Zergrinch

    Unlike the manga didn't commit to writing down all sixty names of the Fall Classic contestants, the anime contains all of them!  Although I think we've already been introduced to the freshmen who matter in the series, maybe one of these will make an appearance later on.

    The attention to detail is quite good, I must say.

    Please note: I am not very sure of some of these names, especially those that are on the lower left side of Block B. As for the romanization, there are many, many ways to render kanji, so I go with whatever Google gave to me.

    葉山 アキラ
    Akira Hayama 根上 遥
    Haruka Negami 坂上 智樹
    Tomoki Sakagami
    金打 実
    Mi Kinchō 伊武崎 峻
    Shun Ibusaki 榊 涼子
    Ryōko Sakaki
    水戸 郁魅
    Ikumi Mito 岬 晴子
    Haruko Misaku 坂本 瞬春
    Madokaharu Sakamoto
    脇 亜由子
    Ayuko Waki 遠山 楽士
    Gakushi Toyama …

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