• Torquil

    Hello There!

    This is Torquil wishing you merry Christmas is advance!

    Anyways this is a blog to talk about the recent happenings and what we can do in the future to make this a better site.

    Its astounding to see then number of edits being perform in a day, I believe when I first joined the wiki the only active Contributor/Admin was Ching. To think that now 2 more (Naui & Pscj) have also joined and tirelessly edit to improve the wiki is truly remarkable!

    Various things occurred over the shot time-span of the last 1 and a half weeks:

    • Wiki Development teams assistance in improving our main page and background. Other special features like the snow,and the header were also introduced.
    • Expanding our network from the previously 2 wikis to still growing …
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