Ok, despite being here for so long, I can't believe that this is only my second blog post ever. Well, I don't really know how to put this into words, and I'm not the best at doing these kind of things but first of all, I wish Harry all the best of luck again in the coming days to settle his real life issues. And also, a very speedy recovery to his back injury he sustained during his military training.

Harry has been one of the best editors this site has seen to date. His work rate was second to none; his efficiency, distinguished. But my point of making this blog today is to express my thanks to him for sending me such a wonderful gift which arrived at my doorstep just a moment ago. And to be frank, I'm at a loss for words. This is one of the best and significant gifts I've ever received. And to think it was from someone who I just knew a good few months ago.

Being the huge Final Fantasy fan I am, I couldn't help but wait with full anticipation once the mailman arrived at my doorstep to deliver the gift to me.

As I opened the package and after taking a good look at the contents inside, you could say euphoria kicked in, along with a feel of great relief. I wanted to thank Harry in person, but obviously couldn't. And I feel a little saddened he won't be here with us for quite a while, which is why I decided to post my thoughts here instead, to thank him for this gift and also, his efforts here.

Anyways, this is to you, Harry. Thanks for sending me this gift! This means a real lot to me.

Harry's gift

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