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  • Phantombeast

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I'm Phantom, and many of you may know me from the forum on the possible theories for Shokugeki no Soma. Well Today, I noticed that this wiki doesn't have an official blog review of chapters that've passed, so I decided to volunteer my services and create a blog to start it off. If people comment and enjoy it, I may decided to make it a part-time thing when th chapters come out. 

    Warning: For those who have not yet read the chapter, please stop immediately as this page will contain spoilers and photos from it. 

    Gentlemen, the Ladies have arrived

    On this week's chapter, we start with a scene depicting A bottomless pit of which all food never returns, or in this particular case, Elite Ten Member, Rindō_Kobayashi,…

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  • Phantombeast

    Hi everyone, for many who don't know me, I'm Phantombeast. So I recent came into contact with something very interesting, it seems that the the Voice Actors for Megumi, Erina, and Ikumi made an Audiobook for three individual stories that take place after the hell camp. The CD itself has not yet been released, but someone has translated the words and I've found thispage with them. Hope everyone gets a laugh out of this like I did. Food-Guru (Iron Hammer of The Red Flame) 03:36, June 25, 2015 (UTC)

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