• Jwjchsr

    Image gallery revamp.

    March 12, 2015 by Jwjchsr

    Hey, guys. I just want to share the recent changes that's been happening on my part and one of the admins. Pscj. So, the community wouldn't be left in the dark of what's been going on with the Shokugeki no Soma's image gallery. This is taken from my profile wall:

    In accordance with SnS wikia's Image policy, I plan to clean up the images that violates the policy, deformed images and improper file names then re-upload them with highest quality possible, relevant file names and in .png format.

    As of 3/10/2015: (UTC-10:00) Hawaii

    • Locate .jpg files. 1:57 am (Start)
    • 102 .jpg files found and listed their links in my computer. 3:50 am (DONE)
    • Found 2 .png files with biased file names. 4:00 am (DONE)
    • Look though .png files for discrepancies. 9:43 am (Star…
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