I didn't know where to put this down, so why not write a blog about it.

As you might have seen, I have installed a new template called "Template:Parent tab template". I got the idea for installing this template from several other wikis, including One Piece wiki and Kaminomi wiki. The main idea is to use this template to link our character pages to their other pages, with which I mean their galleries and relationships. Currently, we have already implemented this system into our character infoboxes, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, not all characters have a seperate page for relationships or quotes, so most of them are just dead links. That is a shame and I intend to solve this problem with this new template. We could leave out the relationships-section for characters without this seperate page, something which isn't possible in the current system.

Also, this would probably solve the 'problem' of the One-shot versions of Erina and Soma. For a while now, we have been debating on whether or not these characters need seperate pages. We are talking about AU's (alternative universe), so yes, technically we are talking about different characters. However, why wouldn't we just make a seperate tab-page for them like we do with their galleries? We could make a page called "Sōma Yukihira/One-shot" just like "Sōma Yukihira/Gallery" exists. This is where the new template jumps in: we could just link to the one-shot version on Sōma's page, thus confirming the AU's existence whilst not needing to create a seperate page (just a seperate tab).

To summarize: I think this template would resolve a lot of issues, like dead links and the one-shot characters.

See the pictures for the idea: [1] [2] Also, you could take a look at my Sandbox (though it uses broken links). [3] Sorry if I didn't explain thoroughly!

I want to give this format a try, but I want to wait for community response first. Please comment below on this idea! I won't be carrying through with the format until a agreement is reached.

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