Attention to all wikia editors and fans, there is some bad news. Due to lack of redrawers from the manga translation, Casanova Scans , the chapters would met their delays and as far as we know, Chapter 55 & 56 has been posted earlier than the translated counterpart. Due to the delay from the translation, the wikia also suffered it delays and so far only I do some minor edits accordance to the recent chapters(sometimes it could be a blind edits, so unless the translation has arrived don't expect 100% accuracy). If anyone love the series, you help Casanova Scans to recruit many redrawers as possible to keep both Casanova Scans and the wikia up to date.

P.S.: For existing editors and admin, if you know anything from the raw version don't hesitate to add any infomation to keep the wikia active. If not, just proceed to edit any article (character, dish, anything which is messy) based from the source.

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