Tofurkey is a dish made by Kojirō Shinomiya in an attempt to come up with a vegetarian menu for Eddie Arnaut to enjoy.

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Recipe Edit

  • Tofu
  • Herbs
  • Sesame


Real Facts Edit

Tofurky is the brand name of an American vegetarian turkey replacement (also known as a meat analogue, or, more specifically, tofurkey) made from a blend of wheat protein and organic tofu. Tofurky is a trademark of Turtle Island Foods, a company based in Hood River, Oregon, United States. Turtle Island has come to also use the brand name for most of its meatless products, such as deli slices, sausages, jerky, tempeh (its first product), burgers, and franks. All of the Tofurky products are fully vegan and approved by the Vegan Society, and most are kosher-certified by the Kosher Supervision of America.[1] The product name is a portmanteau of "tofu" and "turkey" into a single word which sounds like a spoonerism of "faux turkey".[1]

References Edit

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