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    This new rule establishing has been set and put into effect. We will list this out on the Wiki rules shortly.
    02:58, April 23, 2015

    In light of the continued effort towards the wiki revamp, I think there needs to be a clear establishing of the rules and functions of the revamp tag, which I believe is incomplete and problematic in some cases. As such, I'm laid out a few new rules in regards to claiming pages to revamp. It is currently not the set rules, but I'm trying to make the clean up process for the wiki as clear and easy for everyone. In the meantime, until Pscj approves of the new rules for the revamp tag, it is currently not in effect.

    The current version is the revised version as of 3 AM PST.

    1. Using the tag above, the user in the box currently signifies that they are working on that page at that CURRENT time. If a user is no longer editing on that page, the tag should be removed.
    2. Tagging signifies that you are currently performing MAJOR edits on a page including image formatting, template formatting, and summarizing/revising the story sections. Tags cannot be added if the user is doing minor grammar work.
    3. A user may only tag one page at a time (Admins, Bureaucrats, and Rollback users included). If multiple pages are tagged, it technically means that a user is working on two or more pages at the same time. That cannot happen realistically and efforts should be given to pages one at a time. As such, no tagging more than one page at a time.
    4. If there is something you wish to add to a page while that tag is on the page, you must contact the user via their message wall. Do not edit while they are working. Having two or more editors on the same page can lead to edit conflicts where one user's edits will not show up and will lose their edit as a result. Only Admins/Bureaucrats are allowed to edit any tagged page.
    5. A Revamp tag can be deleted only by the user when they are no longer working on the page. Admins/Bureaucrats may delete a tag for various reasons, mainly for vandalism or if edits do not meet the quality standards of the wiki.
    6. Admins and Bureaucrats will delete Revamp tags from a page if the user has not edited a tagged page after a time period of twelve hours.
    7. Pages tagged by Admins/Bureaucrats are exempt from the time limit. However, if an urgent edit is needed on an admin tagged page, you must contact the Admin/Bureaucrat. The Admin/Bureaucrat will decide whether or not to add that edit.
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    • I second every statement mentioned above by Nauibotics. The initial rules implemented during the template's early days provided very little information about its limits and could potentially create many inconveniences to many active users, little to the administration's knowledge. Therefore, the administrative board will now hereby instill new and revised rules for this tag.

      Referring to statement 1 and 2: Agreed. No objections.

      Referring to statement 3: Agreed. However, under rare, special cases multiple marking can be allowed to prevent some users from editing that specific page / giving traffic to a page. Also, the Admins/Bureaucrats are allowed to place multiple tags if he wants to intentionally halt traffic in a particular page. Reasons for this vary from time to time.

      Referring to statement 4: Agreed. However, if the user believes the edit(s) to be done to the marked page is urgent, he MUST contact the user who has marked the page via chat or message wall. Only if when the user gets a reply from the latter, then he may proceed to edit. Further additional details must be added in the discussion between two parties to prevent any editing clashes. Example, if User A agrees to let User B edit his marked page, User B then edits the page once and submits his edit, but User A did not specify he was halfway editing and needs to start from scratch again, resulting the issue to surface again. So, what's needed to be clarified in the conversation is that User A must stop and submit his half-done work, and then only proceed to agreeing with User B. Once User B is finished, then User A may proceed again once more. HOWEVER, no user (with the exception of Admins/Bureaucrats) is allowed to edit a marked page without a reply).

      Referring to statement 5: Agreed. However, the Admins/Bureaucrats here has jurisdiction to remove it as well if they see fit. The main reason is because the revamp is openly available for any user to utilize. However, if one user does not follow by the rules, does a series of incorrect editing or has a reputation of performing incorrect edits, the admins will remove it upon sight without warning. However, the person in charge will mostly give a valid reason, if he does so.

      Referring to statement 6: Agreed. However, the time limit granted should not be an hour for the user in charge are performing MAJOR edits to a page itself. Considering the fact that this is a MAJOR edit, or in other words, a REVAMP, a lot of time and consideration is needed for the user to bring his thoughts into a page. Say if some user in the future were to decide to revamp an important page, there will be many dynamics to consider if that page were to be linked with several other pages. Or, if he were editing midway, and he gets minor distractions in real life that causes his focus to deviate from editing.

      The time limit for a mark should be set to 12-24 hours (depending on previous traffic and significance of the page) instead of just one. This time frame proposed here is lengthy for many, but considering the above factors mentioned, this time will be more ideal for the users in charge.

      If any user has any objections or inquires, please leave a message below. ALL the rules stated above will not be implemented yet until the community agrees, the discussion is finished and/or the administrative board comes up with a consensus.

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    • I agree with all revised points given.

      The only thing is regarding statement 3. If an admin wants to limit edit traffic on a page, we do have the ability to lock out pages to registered users so that will not be too much of a problem. Other than that I will revise the rules with your time limit mark for a tagged page

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    • Changing the protection of a page isn't really recommended though, as it is visually less obvious for any user as compared to the tag itself. Also, I wouldn't recommend doing so because it leaves a history in the protection page, something I do not want filled or tended to unless if really necessary. This is just my opinion. What do you think, Naui?

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    • I agree on most of these points, but there are some things which I would like to address.

      Referring to statement 3: I agree that no user works on two pages at the same time. But then again, implementing a large time limit would probably overrule that decision. You can do a lot of editing in twelve hours time (if you really want to), and it would sure be possible to revamp two pages before the time limit runs out. In that case, I don't see too much problems in placing the revamp-tag on multiple pages at once if it makes sense to do so.

      Also, I believe users should be able to claim multiple pages at once if they are working on a larger project. I can see the sense in revamping a character page and his gallery page at once, for example.

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    • My points exactly. These are some great examples of the rare and special cases I have previously mentioned above. Furthermore, I see no major issues since we've implemented a new time limit to this system.

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    • At least with the rules above, those are the general set rules. In case of special circumstances, like those mentioned above, those will be on the Admin/Bureaucrats then.

      If there are no further objections, we should start this new revamp format as soon as possible.

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    • Yes. So with a general consensus reached, the rules stated above shall be put in effect now.

      Thanks for reading!

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