• Does Aldini like someone?

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    • Which Aldini? There's Takumi Aldini and Isami Aldini.

      Takumi? I don't think so. I think he's too obsessed with his rivalry with Yukihira Soma to even care about crushes.

      Isami? Nobody focuses on him for some reason (they really should) but I think he's to busy with surpassing Takumi to care.

      In Totsuki, food is everything so nobody cares about liking people or crushes or any of that sort (except maybe Nikumi)

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    • If you're referring to Takumi Aldini, then at the moment, he doesn't like anyone. 

      As for Isami, this'll be spoiler from the light novels, but I read before that in one of the light novels, a character was introduced that's from Italy (I forgot her name. Sorry. :/) and that Isami likes her. He doesn't make any move towards her because he thinks that she likes Takumi just like most of the girls in their place (Poor Isami. T_T). That's why he kept on finding ways for the girl and Takumi to spend time together. 

      Then one day, the girl will move away and go to another place and they had a party before she left. Again, Isami thinks that she likes Takumi that's why he made sure that the two will have a moment alone before the girl leaves. Takumi and the girl indeed talked in private but instead, they talked about Isami. (Not exact words. I'm saying this based on my memory which isn't that good.)

      Takumi: Have you told him yet? 

      Girl: No. And I don't plan to. He's just so dense. 

      Turns out that the girl likes Isami all along. And I'm not sure if I remember it correctly but I think the girl also implied that she might not be able to wait if Isami will take too long or something. 

      Anyway, if someone here has read the light novels, please feel free to add more input and correct me. I know that I may have misremembered some stuff or failed to mention some things so I leave that to you. ^^

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