• So as of chapter 152 there's pretty much a war going down at Toutski Academy, in which the main belligerents being the Central Administration, the "pro-azami studnet population" and those who are being loosly called the "opossition factions" (PSD, opposing RS's, Ex-Elite 10, etc').

    Knowing how the plot in this manga tends to manipulate events in interesting ways that in turn develop minor complexities over time, i thought it will be a good idea to organize the events of this so-caled "conflict" (which i like to dub as the "Tōtsuki Civil War") in its own seperate article, which will be in turn styled after the somewhat "traditional" format for conflict documentation that can be found in most Wiki's (prime examples being: The Syrian Civil War, Crimean War [Wikipedia] or The Brood War [Starcraft Wikia]).

    To be more direct, the format which i refer to is the one that's primerlly composed of a general descripion of the conflict with an info table containing abastracted details about the belligerents (faction name/logo, alligence, leaders, manpower etc'), a background for the conflict and the turn of events as to be unfold (such as Shokugeki's or political actions, their effect on the conflict and so forth).

    However, instead of just going ahead and writing an article as such, i would like to ask the people here of their optinion first.

    So please do go ahead and tell me whether my idea is any good or not.

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    • This could be interesting, but we should wait a few chapters before deciding on such format. At the current time, we don't know who will be fighting in this 'war' and we don't know all of the rules.

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    • Well as i see it for the momement, one way or another on one side you'll have Central and their supporting population and on the other the Opossition, which is atm loosily made out of the PSD, the RS's that still attempt to battle Central through Shokugeki and any anti-Central induviduals such as the Ex-E10. But in essence, the opossition is (and will be) pretty much just anyone in Tōtsuki that doesn't agree with Central and is willing to fight against them.

      Also, i'm not sure what (general) rules you might be refering to.. the only rules i can think of atm are the one's Isshiki layed out. Otherwise, i think it's going to pretty much be either: fight and win as an opposing force or lose and become occupied by Central.

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    • Well, most RS will probably try to oppose Central. But it was mentioned that Soma doesn't know if the Don RS, Chinese Cuisine RS and Shiomi Seminar will try to overrule the verdict. The Polar Star Dorm will try to oppose Azami, but they have already saved their home. As of now, we don't know how they will try to defeat Central, as they have nothing to fight for anymore. Obviously, Megumi and Marui might have to fight for their RS, but that is everything we know.

      Because we don't know how the PSD will oppose the Azami regime, we don't know the general rules of the 'war'. I think Azami might create some new rules in the future.

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    • Although even if RS's lose their status as an organization of Totsuki academy after losing a Shokugeki during Central's "Survivals purge", i get the feeling many of their willing former memeber would still be able to find a way to operate "underground" so to speak (as "societies in exile" of sort). Perhaps even within the boundaries of more liberal surviving factions such as the PSD.

      In which case, former memebers of any RS that will remain willing to activly oppose Central would still fall under the colective description of an "Oposition" as somewhat of "guests" of those said opposing factions.

      Regardless though i agree with you about waiting for now. Beyond the currently ongoing "Survival purge", Central still doesn't have a clearly defined tactic. And as Azami still holds the position of the academy's chairman, there's still no info on what counter-tactic the PSD can use against him (assuing they will work within the rules of Azami's administration and won't become an insurgency that disregards it compleatly).

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    • I'm more in support of Azami only for the reason that, in a limited way, he is willing to help refine the cooking techniques of ALL of the students, including the worst of the worst, so long as those participating followed instructions to the letter. He essentially promised that even if the students who remained were inadequate, he wouldn't threaten them with expulsion. His abolishment of events such as the Stagiare and the Friendship Camp, and maybe even the Moon Banquet would mean that he is AGAINST the expulsion of any student regardless of their skill level so long as they adhered to his method of teaching.

      That was the one thing I really hated about when Senzaemon was still acting director.

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