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Tōsuke Megishima
Tōsuke Megishima
Tōsuke Megishima
Kanji 女木島 冬輔
Rōmaji Tōsuke Megishima
Personal Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Blood Type
Cuisine Style
Food Forte
Professional Status
Generation 90th
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Tōtsuki Culinary Academy
Elite Ten Council: 3rd seat (Former)
Manga Debut Chapter 118
Anime Debut
Voice Actor

Tōsuke Megishima (女木島 冬輔 Megishima Tōsuke) is a 90th Generation student of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy and the former 3rd seat of the Elite Ten Council.


Tōsuke is the tallest and largest member of the Elite Ten Council at his time of debut. He has a large, pronounced nose and his eyes are half-closed. His bangs are swept towards the middle of his head in the shape of a triangle and his black hair flows down just below his neckline at the back of his head.

He wears a standard Tōtsuki uniform, though he does not wear the standard shirt or tie, opting to wear a casual brand name shirt underneath. The most notable piece of clothing that he wears is a Chullo bobble headgear with a thick striped pattern.



Tōsuke enrolled into Tōtsuki Culinary Academy as part of the 90th Generation. As a third year student, Tōsuke completed the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp and Stagiaire events in his first year and all subsequent events afterwards. He would eventually attain the 3rd seat of the Elite Ten Council.

Before his debut, he alongside other members of the Elite Ten gathered and selected the participants of the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.[1][2]


Moon Banquet FestivalEdit

Main article: Moon Banquet Festival Arc

(To be added)

Central Edit

Main article: Central Arc

After the conclusion of the Festival, Tōtsuki received a shift in leadership as Senzaemon Nakiri was replaced by Azami Nakiri as the new headmaster of the academy. Tōsuke and three of the other Elite Ten Council members voted against the proposed change in leadership.[3] Due to this, they were relieved by Azami Nakiri from their duties.

Cooking StyleEdit

Tōsuke's cooking style has yet to be shown.


Currently Unknown.



  • Tōsuke (冬輔) is composed of the kanji for "winter" (冬 ) and "assist" (輔 Suke). Megishima (女木島) uses the kanji for "female" (女 Me), "tree" (木 Gi), and "island" (島 Shima).


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