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Shokugeki EX

Shokugeki, the traditional duel to settle a dispute.

Shokugeki (食戟 Shokugeki lit, Food Halberd) is a cooking duel in Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. It is a longstanding tradition that allows students to settle debates and arguments through a formal duel of their cooking prowess.


A Shokugeki can be initiated by anyone within the school. In most cases, these have been started either to further a person's personal project in Tōtsuki or to overturn a judgement by the school such as an expulsion or a disbanding of a club. Shokugekis are battled between two parties. The number of people participating in each party does not have to be equal, so one side can be challenging solo while the other has a partner. Each side must lay out their "compensation", or something they must give up if they were to lose the challenge. Both sides must agree that the compensation of the duel equate with each other, For example, if any student were to challenge an Elite Ten Council member for their chair and lose, expulsion would not equate to the value of an Elite Ten seat.

After a Shokugeki has been authorized, the challengers will set up a date to carry out the Shokugeki and its theme. Any time between the issue and the actual challenge may be used to prepare for it. On the day of the challenge, both contestants will cook at the same time in a fixed amount of time. After both sides have finished their dish, they will present their Shokugeki dish to the judges. After eating both contestant's dishes, they will vote on which dish was the best overall. The winner will have all conditions of their victory fulfilled and the result cannot be revoked unless there is a special circumstance.


Though a Shokugeki can be initiated by anyone in the school, there are three main conditions to issue a Shokugeki:

  • An authorized individual to validate the Shokugeki. This means that a member of Tōtsuki's staff, a Tōtsuki alumni, or an Elite Ten Council member must validate the challenge for it to be an official Shokugeki.
  • An odd number of judges. This is ensure that a Shokugeki will end with a clear victor and prevent a tie situation.
  • Both sides must mutually agree to have the Shokugeki and the conditions of the Shokugeki. If one side is unwilling to participate, the challenge is not feasable.


There are several winning factors for the dish, but the three core traits in a dish are aroma, taste, and presentation. Chefs may use whatever ingredients needed to sway the judges including high grade ingredients and whatnot even if their opponent's ingredients are not as high in quality. Since all Shokugeki require an odd number of judges, all Shokugekis will end with a clear winner.


Immediately after a Shokugeki, the winner's victory conditions will be immediately carried out. It is not known if a Shokugeki result can be immediately repealed with another Shokugeki, but it is heavily implied that this cannot happen.


There are different types of Shokugeki

  • Official Shokugeki-The official Shokugeki is the type of Shokugeki is traditionally held by the school authority to perform the Shokugeki, only within the area of the Tootsuki Culinary Academy. This Shokugeki is only considered as official if the school authority permits and the agreement between both battle chef about the stipulation and risk. This is also a prime Shokugeki in this very academy and most of the audiences are the students of this academy, with the judges are mostly from the guest.
  • Unofficial Shokugeki-The unofficial Shokugeki is another type of Shokugeki which is out limits to from the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy and had to held by other officials instead of the the school authority. The permission for this type of Shokugeki would be depending on the figures who is out from the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, yet it is considered as an underground duel, in which this Shokugeki can be started without the permission from the authorities of the academy and it is often hidden from the crowd. Whoever caught by the authority of the academy, the judges and even the authority that allowed this Shokugeki won't be responsible upon the charges.


Soma Entry to the ShokugekiEdit

The Shokugeki would only held by Erina to secure her regime until Soma entered the academy. Since Soma's infamous ambitious speech had spreed through the entire academy, almost everyone is dissed and scorned over Soma's ambition as a arrogant fool's loud brag which who didn't know his place. In the end however, some of them reluctantly accept him as a potential talent after Soma made the iron-heart lecturer, Roland Chapelle smile in an unexpected fashion through his innovated dish. In Soma's welcome party, Elite Council Member and the Polar Star Hostel veteran student, Isshiki Satoshi is attempt to see Soma's skill by challenging the Yukihira Genius to a duel to earn his respect. Intrigued over Soma's simple yet innovative dish which make the delicacy delicious, Satoshi would forge his friendship with Soma while he heard over Soma's challenge over his seat in the Elite 10 Council, prompting the veteran that Soma's ambition would be Soma's great responsibility before he witnessed Soma's serious side to challenge him on the next day; thinking that the Yukihira Genius's dream would revive the Shokugeki excitement while anticipate Soma's journey to polish his cookery skills.

Soma's first Shokugeki would be against Mito Ikumi

Soon after Soma's first Shokugeki victory, almost every talent with the likes of Takumi Aldini and Nakiri Alice would try to humble him with

Yukihira-Shinomiya Shokugeki FeudEdit

Begin as a misunderstanding between Soma and the Academy Alumni, Shinomiya, this Shokugeki would be written down into the academy history book after the Soma voiced his disagreement and challenged Shinomiya into a suicidal yet brave Shokugeki duel; igniting the infamous Yukihira-Shinomiya Shokugeki Feud .


Make the shokugeki interesting

Sōma is among many who have participated in a Shokugeki

Main Article:List of the ''Shokugeki'' participants

Over the course of many years, Tōtsuki academy has seen a wide range of Shokugekis and participants as well. However, while not uncommon, seldom have Shokugekis occured due to the steep consequences of a loss in one. Nevertheless, only the truly brave are willing to participate and thus, most duels have been fierce battles that have been preserved in the database of Tōtsuki.

Past Shokugeki Recipes & DishesEdit

Main Article: List of Shokugeki Recipes

As is the wide range of participants in the numerous Shokugeki, different dishes of all sorts of styles across the world has been showcased.

Notable Shokugeki DishesEdit

  • Ravioli Di Aragosta-
  • A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don-Ikumi's regal dish with A5 meat based donburi to defeat and embarrass Sōma in his first Shokugeki. Despite beautifully made dish, the incorrect combination of the meat and garlic rice and the out of theme dish that cause Ikumi's defeat.
  • Chaliapin Steak Don-Simple yet innovative, this Donburi is represent Soma's innovative achievements and the pride of the Don R's after Soma defeated Ikumi, the Meat Expert under Erina's faction in his first yet intense Shokugeki.
  • Chou Farci-
  • Rainbow Terrine-

Notable ShokugekiEdit

Also see:List of the ''Shokugeki'' participants

Official ShokugekiEdit

Food Theme Chef battle & Stipulation Judges Dish Winner Results
??? Nao Sadatsuka
Hisako Arato
Nao Sadatsuka
Nao cannot be within 50 meters of Erina at all times.

Hisako Arako
Hisako must relinquish her job as Erina's secretary to Nao.
??? Nao

Unknown Dish

Unknown Dish
Hisako Arato Hisako retains her position as Erina's Secretary while Nao cannot be within 50 meters of Erina
(Possibly Seafood)
Erina Nakiri
Kiyoshi Gōdabayashi
Erina Nakiri
Chan R's will remain active and preserved.
Erina must give up her seat in the Elite Ten Council

Kiyoshi Gōdabayashi
Chan R's will be disbanded and its clubroom will be demolished
??? Erina

Ravioli Di Aragosta

Seafood Chankonabe
Erina Nakiri Chan R's is immediately destroyed and the club is disbanded.
*Sōma Yukihira
Ikumi Mito
Sōma Yukihira
Don R's will still be demolished and Sōma will be expelled from Tōtsuki.

Mito Ikumi
Erina will cease the demolition of the Don R's club and Ikumi will join the Don R's Club.
Kuraki Shinego

Bitou Yoshiki

Okamoto Katsunori

Chaliapin Steak Donburi

A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don
Sōma Yukihira Don R's demolition is canceled and Ikumi joins the Don R's club.
Dessert Takumi Aldini
Subaru Mimasaka
Takumi Aldini
Subaru will take Takumi's Mezzaluna as his prize.
Subaru will advance to the Semifinals.

Subaru Mimasaka
Subaru will have to prostrate before Takumi and Isami.
Takumi will advance to the Semifinals
Main Tournament Judges
Senzaemon Nakiri


3 Unnamed Judges
Takumi Aldini

Lemon Curd Italiano Semifreddo
Subaru Mimasaka

Improved Three-Layer Semifreddo
Subaru Mimasaka
Subaru takes Takumi's Mezzaluna and advances to the Semifinals

Unofficial ShokugekiEdit

Food Theme Chef battle & Stipulation Judges Dish Winner Results
*Sōma Yukihira
Megumi Tadokoro vs.
Kojirō Shinomiya
Sōma & Megumi
Both Sōma and Megumi will leave the training camp and be expelled from Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.

Megumi's expulsion from the camp will be revoked
**Tōtsuki Academy Alumni
Fuyumi Mizuhara

Hitoshi Sekimori

Donato Gotōda

Unofficial Judges
Gin Dōjima

Kojirō Shinomiya

Hinako Inui
Sōma and Megumi

Rainbow Terrine

Chou Farci
***Draw. Shinomiya reverses his judgement of Megumi, allowing her and Sōma to stay in the camp.

(*)Shinomiya originally won this Shokugeki until Doujima decided to vote for Soma and Megumi. Shinomiya was given a coin, which he dropped into Megumi's plate after eating her dish. Inui added one last vote, resulting in a tie. This however caused the Shokugeki to become unofficial.


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