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Shimizu (anime)
Kanji 清水
Rōmaji Shimizu
Personal Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Family Cuisine Style
Food Forte
Professional Status
Occupation Unknown
Manga Debut Chapter 108
Novel Debut
Anime Debut Episode 35
Voice Actor

Shimizu (清水(しみず), Shimizu?) is a regular patron of Western Cuisine Mitamura.[1]

Appearance Edit

Shimizu is a middle aged man with unkempt, medium-length hair, while his bangs cover the left side of his forehead. During his appearance, he sports a long sleeve collared shirt with a diamond pattern sweater vest over it, and dark colored pants and shoes. He also wears round-shaped spectacles.


Shimizu is a jovial person. He immediately expresses his gratitude to Mamoru Mitamura for their newly placed reservation system after a long hiatus. While in the restaurant, he is often seen with a smile on his face.[2]

History Edit

Little is known about Shimizu's past. He became a frequent patron at the Western Cuisine Mitamura until the drastic change of customers that the restaurant was experiencing.[1] He also knew the previous owners of the restaurant.[3]


Stagiaire Edit

Main article: Stagiaire Arc

Sōma and Shimizu (anime)

Shimizu nostalgically tastes his meal

After Mamoru Mitamura implemented a reservation system for his restaurant, Shimizu rushed over as soon as he heard the news. When he entered the restaurant, he was greeted by Mamoru, who thanked him for making a reservation. However, Shimizu apologized that he was unable to come back then. He then ordered his usual menu, then added one more item. However, finishing his sentence, Mamoru cuts him off and said that he wants his meal to be low in salt, much to his surprise. Soon after, his meal, a Mitamura Special Napolitan, was brought to his table by Sōma Yukihira. When Shimizu took his first bite, he complimented the flavor of the dish, and asked Sōma for a coffee after his meal.[2]


  • Shimizu (清水) means pure water.

References Edit

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