Shigenoshin Kōda
Shigenoshin Kōda
Anime | Manga
Shigenoshin Kōda (anime)
Kanji 香田 茂之進
Rōmaji Kōda Shignoshin
Personal Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Family Cuisine Style
Food Forte
Professional Status
Occupation Gourmet
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Novel Debut
Anime Debut Episode 20
Voice Actor Hideyuki Umezu[1]

Shigenoshin Kōda (香田 茂之進(こうだ しげのしん), Kōda Shigenoshin?) is a gourmet and one of the five judges of Block A in the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.[2]


Shigenoshin has short dark-colored hair and a wide, thick mustache with the ends curving slightly upward. His eyes naturally appear closed.

During his appearance, he sports a western business suit, consisting of a gray-colored trousers and jacket with a white long sleeves collared shirt and a dark-colored necktie


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History Edit

Little is known about Shigenoshin's past. However, he eventually became a well-known gourmet.

Plot Edit

The 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn ElectionEdit

Main article: Tōtsuki Autumn Election Arc

Shigenoshin was invited as one of the judges for the Block A in the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election. He, along with Natsume Sendawara, Makito Minatozaka and 2 other judges observe the participants creating their curry dishes. When the judging began, Shigenoshin chuckled at Natsume's harsh words as each student bought up their dishes and received low scores.

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