Shōkeien Ryōri Ryokan
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Shōkeien Ryokan (anime)

料理旅館 荘恵園


Ryōri-ryokan Shōkeien


Megumi's Mother


Tōhoku, Japan



Manga Debut

Chapter 57

Shōkeien Ryokan (料理旅館 荘恵園 Ryōri-ryokan Shōkeien) is a Japanese inn located at Tōhoku, Japan.


Shōkeien Ryokan is a modest Japanese styled inn with 12 rooms available to stay in. It is the home of Megumi Tadokoro and is owned by her mother. For many years, the inn built a reputation for their live demonstration of cutting hanging goosefish for their dishes. However, 9 years prior to the start of the story, the inn nearly lost its signature dish since most of the inn workers were elderly and could no longer be able to prepare the dish properly. Megumi took it upon herself to learn the art of cutting hanging goosefish from a local fish market. With time, Megumi mastered the art, allowing the inn to continue to make its signature dish. Over the course of several years, Megumi's talent for cooking blossomed, with most of the staff noting that she was better than most chefs in town, despite being no more than twelve years old. However, Megumi's mother wanted her to experience the world of cooking outside of the inn and encouraged her to attend Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Megumi decided to try her luck at Tōtsuki and plans on returning home to the Ryokan once she graduates from Tōtsuki. In the meantime, the inn is still in operation.





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