Sōmei Saitō
Sōmei Saitō
Manga | Anime
Sōmei Saitō
Kanji 斎藤 綜明
Rōmaji Saitō Sōmei
Personal Information
Status Alive
Birthday February 11th[1]
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 186 cm
Cuisine Style
Food Forte Sushi
Professional Status
Generation 90th
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Tōtsuki Culinary Academy
Elite Ten Council: 4th seat
Manga Debut Chapter 118
Anime Debut OVA 4
Voice Actor

Sōmei Saitō (斎藤 綜明(さいとう そうめい), Saitō Sōmei?) is a 90th Generation student of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Originally introduced as the 5th seat of the Elite Ten Council, he was promoted to 4th seat during Azami Administration.


Sōmei is the second tallest among the current Elite Ten Council. His hair is styled like a mohawk, with his crest being black, while the rest is gray. He has a horizontal scar starting and ending over both his cheeks and runs over the bridge of his nose. He also typically appears with his eyes closed in both casual and formal moments.

He wears a standard Tōtsuki uniform, but slings the coat over his shoulders like a cape and does not wear the standard tie. He has large earrings and carries a Maguro bōchō blade, a Japanese knife specialized for cutting large fish, named Isanakiri. It is revealed that he is quite muscular and wears bandages across his stomach.[2]


Sōmei lives by the code of the bushido, the way of the samurai, and incorporates it in his mannerisms. He is extremely honorable and is not above praising his opponents who show true mettle and skill.


Sōmei's family used to run a small time Sushi restaurant that was busy everyday and had many regulars. Sōmei's mother raised him by herself and worked as the head of the restaurant. At a young age, Sōmei was able to enroll into the middle school division of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy as part of the 90th Generation. He studied diligently so that he could one day help his mother with their restaurant. At the age of 15, after his mother fell ill, he decided to take over as the head of the restaurant. As the head chef and for being so young, he was looked down upon by many Sushi Chefs, the association and the seafood vendors. Using his skills in Sushi, he cut down all those who looked down on him.

As a third year student, Sōmei completed the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp and Stagiaire events in his first year and all subsequent events afterwards. He would eventually attain the 5th seat of the Elite Ten Council.

Before his debut, he alongside other members of the Elite Ten gathered and selected the participants of the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.[3][4]


Moon Banquet Festival

Main article: Moon Banquet Festival Arc

As a member of the Elite Ten, Sōmei and the other Elite Ten Members attended the Autumn Leaf Viewing ceremony, so the first year students who participated in the 43rd Annual Autumn Election Main Tournament could formally meet them. Sōmei remained silent throughout the event and left shortly after to prepare for The Moon Banquet Festival. He was shown later on to have ranked sixth in overall sales for the uptown area.


Main article: Central Arc

After the conclusion of the Moon Banquet Festival, Tōtsuki received a shift in leadership as Senzaemon Nakiri was replaced by Azami Nakiri as the new headmaster of the academy. Sōmei and five of the other Elite Ten Council members voted in favor for the move.[5]

Cooking Style

Sushi - Sōmei specializes in crafting sushi and is known for his skill in the art, earning him the current 4th seat of the Elite Ten Council. Sōmei's mastery of Sushi gives him an extensive and powerful ability to highlight his star ingredients through flavor enhancers such as butter, garlic, orange juice and lemon juice.

Cooking Skills

  • Expert Butcher - Sōmei possesses enough physical strength to effortlessly lift Isanakiri and precisely fillet a large tuna into sashimi.


Original Dishes

  • Ten Pieces of Tuna Ruby Orbs Sushi- Ten pieces of aesthetically simplistic miniature sushi prepared by Sōmei in the 3rd round of Rebels vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine. He uses different methods of preparation for each part of the tuna meat, such as grilling it marinated on pan, and other parts over a straw fire.
  • Jewel Butter Seafood Bowl- A butter-based seafood dish prepared by Sōmei in the 3rd round of Rebels vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine. It combines the rich salmon meunière with butter, squid liver sauté with garlic and soy sauce, and soy sauce-pickled salmon roe.


Cooking Duel Records

Rebels Vs Central Régiment de Cuisine

Round Rival Culinary
Dish Results

Misc. Cooking Duels

Rival Culinary
Dish Stipulation Results


  • Sōmei (綜明) contains the kanji for "synthesize" (綜 ) and "bright" (明 Mei). Saitō (斎藤) is made up of the kanji for "Buddhist food" (斎 Sai) and "wisteria" (藤 ).
  • Sōmei's kitchen knife, Isanakiri (いさなきり), means "whale cutter" in English.


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