This is the list of Sōma's notable quotes in the manga.


  • Happy to serve!
    - His catchphrase
  • You're Welcome!
    His catchphrase in the English dub
  • Ermm... I'm Sōma Yukihira. Truth be told, I didn't expect to be admitted in this academy. I don't plan on losing to some bunch who never stood in front of clients. I'll use all of you as stepping stones. Now that I'm here, I'll take the top.
    - Sōma's entrance speech during the 92nd Orientation Ceremony.


Erina NakiriEdit

  • Wait for it, I'll make you clearly say "It's Good" with that mouth of yours, even if I have to exhaust my cooking to its limit...
  • This is just my opinion but...I feel that those who recognize one right way will never go beyond and reach truly amazing things. But more importantly... the journey is no fun if you know where you are going.

Megumi TadokoroEdit

  • It's a trick that I once learned at home that eases the tension, it's only fault is you can't do it alone.
  • Don't think of unnecessary things, just make a dish that suits you!
  • No, had the right stuff to begin with. Tadokoro, your food is great. It is like, it warms your heart. I like it.

Subaru MimasakaEdit

  • ...repeating trial and error and failing many's that process which makes the dishes shine.
  • You're so pitiable you don't know the true joy of cooking. That's why you can laugh in those kinds of matches you just steal your opponent's pride with a superficial win...I'll never accept a cook like that.
  • I'll return those 100 tools to their rightful places...if one knife isn't enough, even if I have to bet all of myself as a cook, I'll defeat you!

Tōsuke MegishimaEdit

  • I just want to eat food created by all sorts of chefs...and compete with them. The more people there are who make things completely different from my dish, the more fun it gets. I want to protect that kind of environment.

Azami NakiriEdit

  • Do me a favour and stop deciding other people's happiness for them. 

Kojirou ShinomiyaEdit

  • Thank you, Master Shinomiya!
  • This is the best French dish I can serve right now.

Abel BlondinEdit

  • French cuisine is so interesting. It uses an entirely different thought process from traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Oh, nothing. Just thinking that you're a good teacher!