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Ryō Kurokiba Vs. Akira Hayama
Akira and Ryo begin their match
Akira and Ryō begin their semifinal match
Chapter(s) 89, 90, 91, 92
Episode(s) 31
Culinary Theme
Western cuisine
Ryō Kurokiba Akira Hayama
Eel Matelote Canard Apicius
Ryō will advance to the finals and Akira will be eliminated Akira will advance to the finals and Ryō will be eliminated
Gin Dōjima
Hinako Inui
Fuyumi Mizuhara
Taki Tsunozaki
Sonoka Kikuchi

Both advance to the finals

Cooking Duel Chronology
Previous Hisako Arato Vs. Akira Hayama
Next Sōma Yukihira Vs. Ryō Kurokiba Vs. Akira Hayama

Ryō Kurokiba Vs. Akira Hayama is a cooking duel between Ryō Kurokiba and Akira Hayama. It is also noted that this match is the last of the two semifinal matches in the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.

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