Tōtsuki Culinary Academy: Allies and RivalsEdit

Alice NakiriEdit

Ryō is obedient to Alice's needs as her personal aide. No matter what persona he has, his loyalty to Alice remains intact. Their relationship started off rocky in their childhood with Ryō being annoyed by Alice's aloof demeanor. Through two years of constant battles, Ryō acknowledged Alice's abilities and willingly agreed to be her aide. By the time of the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election Main Tournament, Ryō notes that they have continued to have cooking duels into the present, with Ryō having more wins at that time. Nevertheless, he remains faithful to her, even when her orders sometimes frustrate him.

Megumi TadokoroEdit

Ryō's first opponent for the Autumn Election Main Tournament was Megumi. During their match, Ryō expressed his distaste for Megumi's supporters who were cheering for her. Ryō called such bonds as a weakness, causing Megumi to stand up in defense of them. Though he believed that Megumi was weak, as her Kozuyu Chicken Soy Sauce Ramen was well received by the judges and he personally asked her for a sample of her dish. After a single taste, he acknowledged that Megumi was strong, but not enough to defeat him.

Akira HayamaEdit

Akira was Ryō's second opponent for the Autumn Election Main Tournament (both Semifinals and Finals). In both matches, Ryō viewed Akira as a competitive rival.

Akira has shown annoyance in Ryō's tendency to change in personalities as well as him asking to try his dishes and saying he could made it better.

Sōma YukihiraEdit

Ryō's third opponent for the Autumn Election Main Tounament's Final match was Sōma. After Sōma became the Elite Ten Council 1st Seat, Kurokiba challenging him again.


Danish Pub Kitchen CrewEdit

Ryō, growing up in the streets of Denmark, worked at a local pub from a young age. The harsh environment along with the ruffian kitchen crew made it a hostile place for a young boy to grow up in. Because of his wild instincts to survive, Ryō usurped the position of head chef over the much older members of the kitchen. As the leader, Ryō commanded total authority over the men. Even though they were fed up with his smugness, they could not stand up to him nor his cooking, despite the large age gap between them.