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Promotion Exams Arc
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The Promotion Exams Arc is the eighth story arc of the Shokugeki no Soma series. This arc focuses on the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation's final exams for their first year at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.



Short SummaryEdit

  • The 93rd Generation begin their Promotion Exams in Hokkaido.
  • The students that opposed Central's ideals were forcibly given handicaps during the exams.
    • The rebelling students pass the first two days of the exams despite the handicaps.
  • On the third day, the students split up trains and the rebels had to take on the Elite Ten Council to advance in the exam.
    • Sōma Yukihira faces off against Akira Hayama and wins.
      • Akira Hayama has joined Central and has become the 9th Seat of the Elite Ten Council due to Azami threatening to shut down Shiomi Seminar. Akira's loss results in his expulsion from the Academy.
    • Takumi and Megumi "face off" against Rindō. Rindō does not actually duel them and passes them by tasting one of their dishes.
    • Erina does not duel any of the Elite Ten Council members and passes the third day of the exams.
    • Ikumi Mito, Hisako Arato, and Isami Aldini face off against Momo Akanegakubo, Sōmei Saitō, and Eishi Tsukasa respectively and lose.
    • All other rebelling students not mentioned above were also expelled, including Alice Nakiri, Ryō Kurokiba, and the other Polar Star Dormitory residents. However, Alice was able to persuade the school to let everyone stay in Hokkaido until the exam was over and arrive on Rebun Island to witness the Régiment de Cuisine.
  • A Régiment de Cuisine is formed, in an effort to return the newly expelled 'rebels' back to the academy. The remaining rebelling students facing off against Central with the following rules:
    • The rebelling students will be expelled if they lose.
    • Jōichirō returns and joins the rebelling side and offers to join Azami's regime should his side lose.
    • The Elite Ten Council Central members offer their seats as compensation should they lose.
  • Erina formally severs ties with her father by relinquishing her Tenth Seat position, and joins the rebelling students, stating that she wouldn't be 'truly on their side' if she didn't do so. Azami allowed it but in exchange Erina received "A Special Set Of Conditions" which were for her to spend the rest of her life working for Central and to never again disobey any of her fathers orders if her team loses which Erina agreed upon.
  • The Régiment de Cuisine teams each have 8 members.
  • The first round of the Regiment de Cuisine is a 3 vs 3 match.
    • Sōma, Isshiki and Megishima face off against Nene Kinokuni and the two new recruits of the Elite Ten.

New CharactersEdit

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