Promotion Exams Arc
Azami Declares the Promotion Exams
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20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
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The Promotion Exams Arc is the eighth story arc of the Shokugeki no Soma series. This arc focuses on the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation's final exams for their first year at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.



Short Summary

  • The 92nd Generation begin their Promotion Exams in Hokkaido.
  • The students that opposed Central's ideals were forcibly given handicaps during the exams.
    • The rebelling students pass the first two days of the exams despite the handicaps.
  • On the third day, the students split up trains and the rebels had to take on the Elite Ten Council to advance in the exam.
  • A Régiment de Cuisine is formed, in an effort to return the newly expelled 'rebels' back to the academy. The remaining rebelling students facing off against Central with the following rules:
    • The rebelling students will be expelled if they lose.
    • Jōichirō returns and joins the rebelling side and offers to join Azami's regime should his side lose.
    • Should Central lose, the Elite Ten Council members will offer their seats as compensation, Azami will be ousted as headmaster, and Central's regime will be removed from the academy.
  • Erina formally relinquishes her Tenth Seat to join the Rebels for the Régiment de Cuisine.
    • Erina will be forced to join Central and must be completely obedient to her father's doctrine should the Rebels lose, which she accepts.
  • The Régiment de Cuisine teams each have 8 members.
  • The first round of the Régiment de Cuisine is a 3 vs 3 match.
  • The second round of the Régiment de Cuisine is a 3 vs 3 match.
    • Tōsuke Megishima faces the 2nd seat Rindō Kobayashi. The theme is chili peppers. Rindō Kobayashi wins the match unanimously. Tosuke Megishima is eliminated.
    • Subaru Mimasaka faces the 4th seat Sōmei Saitō. The theme is tuna. Sōmei Saitō wins the match unanimously. Subaru Mimasaka is eliminated.
    • Terunori Kuga faces the 1st seat Eishi Tsukasa. The theme is green tea. Eishi Tsukasa wins the match unanimously. Terunori Kuga is eliminated.
  • The third round of the Régiment de Cuisine is a 3 vs 3 match.
    • Sōma Yukihira faces the 4th seat Sōmei Saitō. The theme is butter. Sōma Yukihira wins the match unanimously. Sōmei Saitō is eliminated.
    • Takumi Aldini faces the 7th seat Etsuya Eizan. The theme is beef. Takumi Aldini wins the match unanimously. Etsuya Eizan is eliminated.
    • Megumi Tadokoro faces the 3rd seat Momo Akanegakubo. The theme is apple. Momo Akanegakubo wins the match by 2-1. Megumi Tadokoro is eliminated.
  • The fourth round of the Régiment de Cuisine is a 3 vs 3 match.

New Characters

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