Original Soundtrack 1
Shokugeki no Soma OST 1
Composer(s) Tatsuya Kato
July 29, 2015
Sōma Yukihira
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Original Soundtrack 1 is the original anime soundtrack to Shokugeki no Soma. It was released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on July 29, 2015.

Track listEdit

# Japanese name English name Length
1 料理の地平へ Towards the Horizon of Cuisine 2:02
2 いつもいつでも常日頃 Every Time, Anytime, All the Time 1:47
3 わちゃワチャWACHA Chatter, chatter, chatter 1:47
4 朝だ 畑だ 収穫だ Morning, Field, Harvest 2:13
5 ごはんだ おかずだ ごちそうだ Rice, Sides, It's A Feast! 2:02
6 決戦の食感 The Mouthfeel of Decisive Battle 2:10
7 酸いも甘いも研鑽せよ! Study Both Sweet and Sour! 2:39
8 神の舌 (ゴッドタン) God Tongue 1:46
9 不味いわよ! Disgusting! 1:28
10 サカナの国から来た娘 The Maiden Who Came From the Region of Fish 2:13
11 ミートマスター The Meat Master 2:00
12 肉のソナタ The Meat Sonata 2:46
13 ボナペティート (召しあがれ) Buon Appetito! 1:54
14 極星・丼研・陽が暮れる Polar Star, Don RS, The Good Days Come to an End 1:48
15 いつも心にゲソピーを Always in My Heart, Peanut Butter Squid Tentacles 1:47
16 不味くて最高のゲテモノ The Most Disgusting Bizarre Food 2:05
17 この小さな食の城で In This Small Food Castle 2:27
18 対立の火加減 The Heat of Confrontation 2:08
19 味体験料理バトル Tasting Experience of Cooking Battle 1:54
20 闇鍋の匂い The Stench of Yami-Nabe Stew 1:41
21 それぞれのソウルフード Each One's Soul Food 2:21
22 絶望の辛酸 The Hardships of Despair 1:53
23 厨房最前線 The Kitchen's Front Line 2:16
24 審議は舌の上で語られる Deliberations Spoken on the Tip of the Tongue 2:22
25 勝利と言う名の隠し味 The Secret Ingredient That's Called Victory 1:56
26 美食の世界へいらっしゃい♪ Welcome to World of Gourmet Food ♪ 1:37
27 海の香りに誘われて Lured to the Aroma of the Sea 2:19
28 この鴨になら抱かれたい The Duck I Wouldn't Mind Being Embraced By 2:18
29 この素晴らしき旨味世界 This World of Wonderfully Delicious Flavor 3:00
30 食戟開戦! Shokugeki Start! 3:10


Shokugeki No Soma - Original Soundtrack, Vol01:04:07

Shokugeki No Soma - Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1 (Full OST Album)


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