Nine Course Meal
Tsukasa Nine Course Meal 1
Chef Eishi Tsukasa
Menu Category Course
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 132

The Nine Course Meal is a dish invented by Eishi Tsukasa for the Moon Banquet Festival. It consists of nine seperate courses which together form a dish.

Description Edit

During the Moon Banquet Festival, Eishi set up booth in the Uptown Area, though he only prepared three tables at a time. He made a Nine Course Meal, with each dish creating a distinctive blend of flavors and fitting in with the rest of the dishes. Eishi states that this natural ability to bring out those strengths is because he does not place "himself" in those dishes. By concentrating on bringing out the goodness of the food and voiding his presence from the dish, Eishi creates a paradoxical state of expressing himself in his dishes without actually doing so.[1]

Gallery Edit

Tsukasa Nine Course Meal 1
Sakura Shrimp
Tsukasa Nine Course Meal 2
Three other dishes
Tsukasa Nine Course Meal 3
Another dish


  1. Shokugeki no Soma chapter 132, pages 13-14

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