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The music of the Shokugeki no Soma series ranges from opening and ending themes from the anime to various character songs and much more. Here are the list of songs as follows:

Opening ThemesEdit

Kibou no Uta promo cover
May 13, 2015
Ultra Tower
Episodes 1 - 14
Rising Rainbow promo cover
July 17, 2015
Episodes 15 - 24
Rough Diamonds Single Cover (SCREEN mode)
July 2, 2016
Episodes 25 - 37

Ending ThemesEdit

Spice promo cover
June 10, 2015
Tokyo Karan Koron
Episodes 1 - 14
Sacchan no Sexy Curry promo cover
July 15, 2015
Seiko Oomori
Episodes 15 - 24
Snow Drop Official Cover
July 9, 2016
Episodes 26 - 37

Original SoundtrackEdit

Shokugeki no Soma OST 1
July 29, 2015
Shokugeki no Soma OST 2
November 25, 2015

Character SongsEdit

Side Boys 2
September 16, 2015
Natsuki Hanae


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