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Mito Vs. Don RS Shokugeki
Sōma vs Ikumi (anime)
Ikumi and Sōma face each other on the main stage.
Location Shokugeki Arena
Arc Introduction Arc
Chapter(s) 10, 11, 12, 13
Episode(s) 6, 7
Culinary Theme
Meat Donburi
Ikumi Mito Sōma Yukihira
A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don Chaliapin Steak Donburi
The Don RS will be permanently disbanded and Sōma will be expelled. Erina Nakiri cannot target Don RS and Ikumi will join the Don RS.
Shigeno Kuraki
Yoshiki Bitō
Katsunori Okamoto
Sōma's Victory:
  • The demolition of the Don RS is canceled.
  • Ikumi joins the Don RS.
  • The Don RS' clubroom and budget increased
Shokugeki Chronology
Previous Chan RS Vs. Nakiri Shokugeki
Next Yukihira-Tadokoro Vs. Shinomiya Shokugeki

The Mito Vs. Don RS Shokugeki is the second Shokugeki shown in the series and fourth known chronologically. This was Sōma Yukihira's first Shokugeki.


Among the many research societies across Tōtsuki, one was devoted to researching Donburi, the Don RS. Unfortunately, after her latest victory over the Chan RS in a Shokugeki, the Don RS became the next target for Erina Nakiri's kitchen expansion project. The current president, Kanichi Konishi, did his best to inspire the club members to stand up and fight against the new threat to the club, but most abandoned it when the news arrived at the club of the leader of the attack. Alone, Kanichi would have to face this new threat by himself... or so it would have been if not for an unexpected visitor to the club.

Sōma Yukihira decided to pay the club a visit in order to develop a donburi dish. Upon arrival, Sōma, along with Megumi Tadokoro, found Kanichi sitting alone in the clubroom, looking very dejected.

Battle Edit

(To be added)

Judges' Votes Edit

(To be added)

Aftermath Edit

(To be added)


  • This is the very first Shokugeki shown in its entirety.

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