Leonora Nakiri
Leonora Nakiri
Anime | Manga
Leonora Nakiri (anime)
Kanji 薙切 レオノーラ
Rōmaji Nakiri Reonōra
Personal Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Family Senzaemon Nakiri (Father-in-law)
Sōe Nakiri (Husband)
Azami Nakiri (Brother-in-law)
Alice Nakiri (Daughter)
Erina Nakiri (Niece)
Cuisine Style
Food Forte
Professional Status
Occupation Research Division Head of Nakiri International
Manga Debut Chapter 97
Novel Debut
Anime Debut Episode 32
Voice Actor Sayaka Ohara[1]

Leonora Nakiri (薙切 レオノーラ(なきり レオノーラ), Nakiri Reonōra?) is the Research Division Head of Nakiri International and Alice Nakiri's mother.


Leonora has many traits that were inherited by her daughter, having the same silver hair and red eyes. Her hair reaches just above her lower back and has a small braid on top of the rest of her hair in the back, which she allows to flow unbraided. Many people in the audience of the 43rd Autumn Election's Finals noted that she is very beautiful.

During the Finals, Leonora wore a purple sleeveless dress, glovelets, and pumps.


Leonora is an incredibly intelligent woman and is the current Research Division Head of Tōtsuki International. Her Japanese is a little poor, speaking in simple phrases and broken Japanese but most consider this cute. Like her daughter, Leonora has flighty expressions and has the same cartoonish eyes whenever she is teasing someone, generally Erina and Alice. She maintains a good relationship with her daughter and was patient and nurturing enough to sit through 9 hours on the phone with her daughter after the latter lost her Quarterfinal match to Sōma.

However, like the rest of the Nakiri family, Leonora is very serious about the culinary industry and has an intense aura when it comes to cooking. When stating that she hoped Sōma would not disappoint her, her serious aura could be felt by the entire audience in the arena. Like her father-in-law, Leonora has a sort of "disrobing" that occurs when she eats a delicious dish. Although she does not strip, she "strips" her poor Japanese and is able to speak perfect Japanese, though only for a brief amount of time.


Leonora & Sōe hugging in the field

Leonora and Sōe's romance.

Not much is known about Leonora's history up until her young adulthood when she met the love of her life, Sōe Nakiri, son of Senzaemon Nakiri. She affectionately named him Nassan and the two eventually wed. Shortly after, their daughter Alice was born, who greatly resembled Leonora. Sōe eventually founded Nakiri International and Leonora took up the helm of Lead Researcher for the organization.

Alice asks her mom to let her adopt Ryō

Leonora is asked by Alice to let her adopt "Ryō"

While living in Denmark with her family, when Alice was around the age of 8, Leonora was brought to a pub near the Tōtsuki International because Alice wanted to "adopt a stray" she had found: Ryō Kurokiba. Although Leonora approved, she reminded Alice that she would need her father's approval as well. With her husband's approval, Ryō moved in with the Nakiri's in Tōtsuki International.

Alice was eventually accepted into Tōtsuki Culinary Academy and she decided to move to the academy with Ryō in tow. Leonora kept regular contact with Alice while she attended Tōtsuki. After Alice lost her Quarterfinal match against Sōma Yukihira in the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election, Leonora spent nine hours comforting her daughter over her defeat.


Autumn Election FinalsEdit

Main Article: 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election
Leonora was called by her father-in-law, Senzaemon Nakiri, to be a judge for the finals of the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election alongside Gin Dōjima and himself. Despite a rather surprising introduction with her simplified Japanese, the crowd was stunned into silence when she told Sōma that she would be disappointed if his dish was not delicious, considering that he defeated Alice in the Quarterfinals.

With great anticipation, Ryō presented his Autumn Pacific Saury Cartoccio to the judges, Leonora, in particular, was intrigued by the bubbling contents inside the bags. Upon opening the bag, the judges were submerged in the aromas released from the bags. The richness of his dish stunned the judges and caused Leonora to stand in her seat. Despite Alice warning the audience of her own "disrobing", instead of taking off her clothes, Leonora "stripped" her poor Japanese, speaking with incredible, eloquent fashion. Even with Ryō's impressive performance, Akira soon followed with his Scorched Pacific Saury Carpaccio. Despite the fact that Carpaccio is normally appetizers, Akira modified it to be an entrée. To complete his dish, he used a blowtorch to lightly scorch the dish, releasing an aroma that instantly caused Leonora to shudder in ecstasy. His dish showed his mastery of spices, going from a jubilee of many spices from his semifinal match to enhancing and displaying the true power of a single spice in his finals dish. Finally, Sōma stepped up to the plate with his dish which received a warm response from the judges, enough so to make Leonora "disrobe", but not Senzaemon. Sōma offered seconds, but none of the judges initially accepted it. However, with the promise of a special surprise, Sōma poured a special white broth to his dish, completing his Ojiya-Style Pacific Saury Takikomi Gohan. Sōma's dish had such a profound impact on Leonora, she recalled her own romance with her beloved husband.

With the judging complete, all that was left was for the judges to choose a clear winner. Despite the fact that all three finalist's dishes performed spectacularly in their own unique way, the decisive factor was the three finalist's ability to "display themselves" in their dish. Of the three, Akira's resonated the strongest, thus declaring him the winner of the Autumn Election. Watching the three finalists compare their dishes afterward, Leonora was eager to see what more these chefs would have to offer in the future.


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