Kojirō's MotherEdit

Kojirō is particularly close to his mother. After he ate Megumi's Rainbow Terrine, it awoke the memories of his mother's love when he was a child. It was later revealed that his mother was the main source of his aspirations to cook in French cuisine. After seeing his mother so happy after eating French food when he was a little boy, Kojirō resolved himself to learn French cuisine so he could make his mother happy anytime he could.

Tōtsuki Academy AlumniEdit

Gin DōjimaEdit

Hinako InuiEdit

Fumio DaimidōEdit

Tōtsuki Academy StudentsEdit

Sōma YukihiraEdit

The 92nd student son of the owner of Restaurant Yukihira. In the Training Camp's second stage, Kojirō originally passed Sōma before the young student defend Megumi by stating her cooking was actually good. Because Sōma was the first student to voice his disagreement, Kojirō deemed Sōma's act as an insubordination and warned him that he would fire him along with Megumi if he persisted on protesting, which lead to Sōma's challenge him into a Shokugeki.

During the Stagiaire Event, Shino's Tokyo was served as Sōma's second stage and Kojirō became his supervisor for a week. By the end of his assignment, Kojirō told Sōma to take the first seat of the Elite Ten, showing that he has faith in Sōma's ability to cook.

Megumi TadokoroEdit

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Shino's TokyoEdit

Abel BlondinEdit

Shino's Tokyo's Head Chef and also Kojirō's admirer.

Gao WeiEdit

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Lucie HugoEdit

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Jōichirō YukihiraEdit

When Sōma introduced Kojirō to his father a few weeks before the Régiment de Cuisine, Kojirō had the feeling of recognizing Jōichirō from somewhere but could not recall the exact details.

Azami NakiriEdit

Despite acknowledging that Azami's ideal of "true gourmet" as a grandiose idea, Kojirō stated that he has no intention of getting his restaurant involved and complying to Central. He even added that he wouldn't mind seeing the restaurants that had submitted to Central closing down either, showing an overall ambivalence to Central's agenda as he sides with the Rebels by training their members.

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