Ikumi's ParentsEdit

The Mito House prominent figures, Ikumi's parents are responsible for Ikumi's rise as one of the Tōtsuki's best students. Although they did not made an official appearances, both loves Ikumi with extensive care. It was her father's discipline, whose objective is to ensure the survival of the Mito House prestige, had turned Ikumi from a happy child she was into an aggressive yet arrogant student.

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy:Allies and RivalsEdit

Erina NakiriEdit

Ikumi was formerly one of Erina's underlings. However, after being beaten by Sōma with his Chaliapin Steak Don in a Shokugeki, Erina asked Hisako to vacate the cooking room originally for Ikumi, displaying her distaste for her after her loss.

Her relationship with Nakiri was expanded in the anime. There she shows respect and even requested that she takes on Don RS so that Erina will not waste her time with small fry opponents. However after her defeat during the don challenge with Soma; she showed a saddened expression when she saw Erina leave.

Even though she isn't one of Erina's followers anymore, she still seems to show the same level of respect to her. This was shown when she and Konishi were applying for a spot at the Moon Banquet Festival and she was asked by Erina to step aside, she complied easily.

Sōma YukihiraEdit

Sōma was a previous enemy of Ikumi since she was an enforcer for Erina. Initially, Ikumi disliked Sōma though at least found his courage a little interesting. For most of their Shokugeki, Ikumi taunted Sōma but was annoyed when she did not get a response. Despite putting her best effort, even with her A5 Beef, she lost to Sōma. Although bitter from her loss, Ikumi's heart skipped a beat, stuttering and ran out of the arena embarrassed when Sōma called her nickname Nikumi cute.

Since then, Ikumi has become one of Sōma's closest allies and even developed a crush on him. She also seem to show a tsundere side regarding her feelings towards him, alternately shouting at him for his recklessness or becoming bashful and blushing when Sōma praises her expertise in meat as well as running away shouting and blushing whenever Sōma compliments or shows gratitude towards her. She has been willing to assist Sōma whenever he asks her, but more often than not she is annoyed when other people are involved when she believes that he has asked her alone.

Sōma was the only person that Ikumi willingly allowed to call her Nikumi.(she beats others up when they try to call her by her nickname e.g. Konishi )

Thanks to her defeat in Soma's hands. Ikumi also learned that there is more to cooking than just fixating on high grade "meat", this was evident in the Autumn Elections Arc where she used other ingredients like Chinese spices and tanjoyu oil to heighten and perfect her Dongpo Pork Curry Don.

Kanichi KonishiEdit

Originally, Kanichi was Ikumi's enemy since his club was the target of Erina's ambitions. Ikumi easily intimidated him just through her aggressive personality and even slashed off his pompadour when he called her Nikumi. As a result of her Shokugeki against Sōma, Ikumi has joined his club and the two have become a little more friendly. Ikumi still views him as a weak student, but nevertheless Kanichi remains supportive of Ikumi, especially during the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.

Polar Star DormitoryEdit

Through her friendship with Sōma, Ikumi has become an friends with most of the Polar Star residents of the 92nd Generation. Megumi Tadokoro, Ryōko Sakaki, and Yūki Yoshino in particular have become close friends with her.


Mayumi KuraseEdit

Ikumi first met Mayumi when going to the Shopping District after Sōma requested her help. Ikumi initially thought that she would be working with Sōma alone. When she found out that she would work with another person, she became irritated, therefore not treating Mayumi very well, as she has a crush on Sōma. Later on she does not seem to mind Mayumi as much but they are still not close enough to be friends.