Hisako Arato Vs. Akira Hayama
Akira vs. Hisako (anime)
Hisako faces off against Akira in the quarterfinals
Location Chandra's Room
Arc Tōtsuki Autumn Election Arc
Chapter(s) 73, 74, 75
Episode(s) 27
Culinary Theme
Hisako Arato Akira Hayama
Soft-Shelled Turtle Hamburger Kofta Kebab Burger
Hisako will advance to the semifinals and Akira will be eliminated Akira will advance to the semifinals and Hisako will be eliminated
Senzaemon Nakiri
3 unnamed judges
Akira's Victory:
  • Akira advances to the semifinals
  • Hisako is eliminated from the tournament
Cooking Duel Chronology
Previous Megumi Tadokoro Vs. Ryō Kurokiba
Next Ryō Kurokiba Vs. Akira Hayama

Hisako Arato Vs. Akira Hayama is a cooking duel between Hisako Arato and Akira Hayama. It is also noted that this match is the third of the four quarterfinal matches in the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.

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