Chapter 2

Erina's God's Tongue

God's Tongue (神の舌 Kami no Shita) is a specialized ability wielded by Erina Nakiri.


God's Tongue is Erina's special ability that allows her to taste any food with extreme accuracy. Her tastebuds are so sensitive, she can perform numerous unthinkable feats that most gourmet experts cannot do without years of training, let alone at all.

Thanks to her ability, coupled with her vast wealth of culinary knowledge from her grandfather, Erina's tasting abilities are infamous as she has accomplished such feats such as:

  • Being able to recognize and differentiate 8 different types of salt blindfolded.
  • Being able to know exactly how long a specific portion of a dish was overcooked with a single taste of the broth.

Erina's ability manifested from birth but it did not become known until she was at least four years old. The one-shot version of Erina was confirmed to have it when she was no more than an infant when she uttered her first words: "It tastes awful" after drinking her mother's breast milk.

Although such an ability is extremely valuable for any chef, having sensitive tastebuds is actually quite difficult for Erina because she can easily detect flaws in many dishes that end up being unpalatable to her, even "gourmet" first-rate dishes. This reason in particular was what made Erina initially disillusioned with the joy of cooking and why she partially complies with her father's standards despite the clear psychological damages that were being inflicted.