French Curry Lobster Rice with Cognac
Anime | Manga
French Curry Lobster Rice with Cognac (anime)
Chef Ryō Kurokiba
Primary Ingredients Lobster
Cuisine Type Western
Dish Type Curry
Menu Category Main Course
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Anime Debut Episode 23

French Curry Lobster Rice with Cognac is a dish made by Ryō Kurokiba during the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election's Preliminary Round.


Created by Ryō Kurokiba, this dish will amaze you the moment you see it. With the golden yellow curry rice and the crimson lobster, the flavor of the dish is delicious and the aroma itself is sweet as the flower's fragment. The dish is so good that it can refresh your soul completely. The additional of the high class Cognac dish combined with the the lobster brains will give the dish an extra kick, so you can feel the dish sky high!


  1. Spiny Lobster
  2. Saffron Rice
  3. Sauce Américaine
  4. Roux - N/A

American/French Curry SauceEdit

  1. Self Made Curry
  2. Napoléon Cognac
  3. Crustacean Shells

Additional IngredientEdit

  • Extra Napoléon Cognac

Gallery Edit

Real FactsEdit

  • Cognac is a French brandy named after a town of the same name. Cognac has a strict brewing method from the type of grape used to the precise brewing process.[1]
  • As Ryō mentions, there are numerous classes of Cognac. The one he used is Napoleon class which is considered a X.O. (Extra Old) brand or 6 years or more and is one of the highest grades of Cognac, only surpassed by Vieille Réserve.[1]
  • Judges mentions Ryō using Sauce Américaine as the base of this dish. Sauce Américaine also known as Sauce Armoricaine is a recipe from classic French Cuisine, mostly used in shellfish especially lobsters.


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