Mid-Summer Nikumi-san
Extra - Mid-Summer Nikuni-san
Part of Volume 6
Japanese Title 番外編 「真夏の肉魅さん」
Rōmaji Bangaihen: Manatsu no Nikumi-san
Arc None
Episode(s) Erina's Summer Vacation
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Mid-Summer Nikumi-san is an extra chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot SummaryEdit

Soma ice shaver Don Rs

Sōma brings in an ice shaver.

On a hot summer day at the Don RS, Ikumi Mito and Kanichi Konishi are left to complain about each other's attire while cooking donburi. Kanichi says that Ikumi's clothes are too revealing while Ikumi states Kanichi's are too stuffy.
Ikumi shaved ice reaction

Ikumi's reaction after eating the shaved ice.

As Sōma Yukihira enters the lab, Ikumi blushes and prompts him to try her new donburi dish she recently made, only to be instantaneously declined by a oblivious Sōma because of the hot weather. Sōma then places an ice shaver he found in his dorm's storage and attempts to make shaved ice.

Ikumi reluctantly asks Sōma to give her some strawberry shaved ice. After doing so, Kanichi decides to research on shaved ice instead, infuriating Ikumi as she wonders why they ever wanted to make donburi on such a hot weather.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


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