Etsuya Eizan

Etsuya Eizan (叡山 枝津也(えいざん えつや), Eizan Etsuya?) is a 91st Tōtsuki Generation student of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. First introduced as 9th seat of the Elite Ten Council, he was promoted to 7th seat after Central took over Tōtsuki, and is currently the 8th seat. He is nicknamed the Alquimista.


Etsuya eizan full

Etsuya has long, swept-back, dirty blonde hair typical of a Yankee (Japanese delinquent), and gold eyes. He wears rectangular glasses and various jewelry, consisting of a rope chain necklace, various rings, and a Rolex-style watch. He usually removes his glasses when he's being fully serious.

Etsuya sometimes wears a leopard print shirt with a white collared jacket unbuttoned over it.


Etsuya is described by Satoshi Isshiki to be a Yankee, having a large force of delinquent boys behind him to do his dirty work. He is a slick businessman, being a well known, but somewhat underground, business consultant since his middle school days, charging a large monthly fee for his services. He has had this mindset since middle school, having applied to Tōtsuki to make money. While his methods and tactics to gather clients can be questionable, it is undeniable that his charisma and presentation can instantly turn anyone, even a former business rival, into a prospective client. His overall serious demeanor means that he is regularly annoyed by some of the more eccentric members of the Elite Ten Council, especially Satoshi, Rindō, and Terunori. However, Etsuya can be extremely cruel, heartless, and frequently employs dirty tactics to prove a point, such as rigging the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election matchups to have one of his enforcers, Subaru Mimasaka, challenge both Takumi Aldini and Sōma Yukihira in the tournament. Most notably, he bribed the judges in two of his Shokugekis to unanimously declare him the winner of the match without putting any effort into his dish nor tasting his dish.

Despite being an official Elite Ten Member, Etsuya has shown almost no interest for official Elite Ten business, calling meetings a 'waste of time' and normally only attends out of obligation as a member.

Etsuya's Businessman Smile

Etsuya's typical businessman smile

Etsuya is highly arrogant and is quick to lose his temper when he's ignored, insulted or when things don't go the way he wants them to. This caused him to hate Sōma Yukihira for doing all three during their Shokugeki and Takumi Aldini because of his second humiliation. Additionally, his pride means that he can be easily goaded, especially by Sōma.


Young Etsuya Anime

Young Etsuya

Etsuya applied for Tōtsuki at the first opportunity that he could for the middle school section. Unlike most of the other applicants, who applied with the intention of attending the academy for the prestige it holds, Etsuya stated that he wished to attend because it would be profitable to both the academy and himself. In his very first year at Tōtsuki, Etsuya managed to accumulate more income for the academy than the entire academy on its own. Etsuya eventually became a business consultant for many culinary companies across Japan, and his skills in the kitchen became well-known. Etsuya developed a notorious reputation as a yankee due to his ruthless business nature and his large gang of students behind him. Etsuya was among the students to participate his Generation's Tōtsuki Autumn Election, and was present at the Autumn Leaf Viewing event alongside Satoshi Isshiki, Terunori Kuga, and Nene Kinokuni.


Karaage WarEdit

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Etsuya arrives

Etsuya attends the Elite Ten meeting

Etsuya was revealed to be the mastermind behind the expansion of the Mozuya Karaage Specialty Shop's Tokyo branch, which threatened the Sumire Shopping District and was later seen concluding a business contract with another company which requested his services as the Alquimista.

He was then summoned at an Elite Ten meeting that was meant to determine which 1st-year students would participate in the Elections, albeit begrudgingly as he perceived the meeting as a waste of time.

Etsuya was later seen calling Mozuya to ask for an explanation after seeing a sales chart showing that the sales of Mozuya had plummeted for three days in a row.

Meeting SōmaEdit

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Etsuya threatens Sōma (anime)

Etsuya threatens Sōma

Shortly after the conclusion of the Karaage Arc, Etsuya summoned Sōma to his study upon his return to Tōtsuki through the use of his underlings. Etsuya first offered Sōma to work under him, saying his idea for the Sumire Mark Karaage Roll was not bad, an offer which Sōma refused. He then went on to mock his ambition to take over Restaurant Yukihira, claiming that his aspiration is small because he was raised in such an environment before telling Sōma that he had been selected as a member of the Autumn Elections, but that he shouldn't rejoice as he would crush him on the best stage possible for 'staining his career' as a food consultant.

Tōtsuki Autumn Election: Preliminary RoundEdit

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Tōtsuki Autumn Election: Main TournamentEdit

Quarterfinals Edit

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Etsuya semi finals

Etsuya announces the Semifinal matches

During the final match of the Quarterfinals, Etsuya witnessed the Shokugeki between Takumi and Subaru, while remarking everything about Subaru, especially his infamous 99 Shokugeki win streak against his rivals.

After Subaru's vicious victory over Takumi, Etsuya announced that the Tournament's Semifinals would be held within a week, as well as the semifinalists themselves: Sōma, Subaru, Akira Hayama and Ryō Kurokiba.


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Just as Sōma is about to present his dish, Satoshi arrived and confronts him over the failure of his plan. Etsuya responded that he has no idea what the former is talking about: as a member of the council, he did his job of making the Autumn Classic successful. However, Satoshi pointed out that he was the one who arranged the match parings for the main tournament. Likely, he intended to use Soma's rivalry with Takumi to goad him into fighting a Shokugeki against Subaru, where he would fail and receive the greatest humiliation on the big stage.

Moon Banquet FestivalEdit

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During the Moon Banquet Festival, unlike most of the other Elite Ten Council members, Etsuya spent it acting as a financial consultant. When Azami returned to the Tōtsuki, Etsuya was one of six Elite Ten members to vote Azami as the new director of the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.


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With Azami as the new headmaster of Tōtsuki, many new changes were immediately put into place. Amongst the biggest changes was the sudden disbanding of all Research Societies and Seminar classes. As expected, many students did not approve of the choice and immediately began issuing challenges against the Elite Ten Council in order to preserve their beloved clubs. Etsuya took charge of the situation and planned on accepting all challenged, but before he did, he decided to pay Polar Star Dormitory a visit first. Arriving at the dorm, Etsuya was greeted by Sōma and a majority of its 92nd Generation residents. He broke the news to the residents that the dormitory, as an independent entity on campus, was not welcomed in Azami's reform and was scheduled to be shut down. Before Sōma and the others could protest, Etsuya told them to watch his upcoming Shokugeki.

Foul PlayEdit

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The whole school was glued to the TV as the first Club related Shokugeki commenced. Etsuya's first opponent was his fellow 91st Generation classmate, Tetsuji Kabutoyama, who was fighting on behalf of the Skewer Research Society. Tetsuji declared that their match would be focused on tachiuo with an emphasis of skewering techniques. During the match, Tetsuji put all his effort into his dish, while Etsuya nonchalantly threw together his dish. After finishing their dishes, Etsuya and Tetsuji presented their dishes. However, the judges did not eat a single bite from their dishes nor did they even move. Above their heads on the voting display, they had already unanimously voted Etsuya as the winner. Tetsuji caught on that Etsuya had bribed the judges to vote for him, but was powerless to stop the results of his defeat: the disbanding of the Skewer Research Society and his expulsion. Aware that they had no chance of winning, the clubs cancelled all of their Shokugekis.

Battle for Polar StarEdit

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Despite the example Etsuya had made, Sōma still pushed forward and handed him a challenge letter for a Shokugeki. The two settled on Satsuma Jidori (a Japanese chicken cultivar) for the Shokugeki, and the terms for victory: Sōma's victory would prevent Polar Star Dormitory's destruction, and Etsuya's victory would result in Yukihira's expulsion and the scheduled destruction of Polar Star Dormitory.

Once again, Etsuya bribed the judges to vote for him. Before the match, Etsuya had the demolition of Polar Star moved up to that day, and taunted Sōma with that knowledge in an attempt to break his spirit. With his win all but guaranteed, Etsuya didn't even bother starting to cook. However, to his chagrin, Sōma was completely unfazed by his efforts, and the demolition was being successfully held off by the other members of the dorm. Realizing that the only way to break Sõma's spirit and get the revenge he wanted was to defeat him with his food, Etsuya proceeded to cook, quickly preparing a plate of Hainan Ji Fan.

The dish received high praise, with even Sōma acknowledging the quality of it. However, Sōma goaded Etsuya into trying his dish before voting. With one bite of Sōma's Cheese-Feathered Hanetsuki Gyōza, Etsuya was rendered speechless, persuading the judges and Rindō (who was observing the Shokugeki) to try as well. Soon, even the third judge could not resist, and despite the bribery, Etsuya was unanimously declared the loser.

Survivor's PurgeEdit

With Etsuya's defeat, the remaining student organizations were emboldened to compete for their place.

Promotion ExamsEdit

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Cooking StyleEdit

Alchemy Cooking - Etsuya's cooking style, according to Satoshi Isshiki, is using methods to “negate” the flavor of his opponents’ dishes and often alluded to alchemy. Through his intensive knowledge of various chemical components and their various interactions with taste receptors, Etsuya is able to create dishes that disrupt the balance of flavor in his opponents' dishes. Rindō Kobayashi has stated that, despite the fact that he is more well known as a businessman, his actual cooking abilities and skills match his current position. Etsuya was able to ad lib a dish within a few moments that was able to nearly beat Sōma's dish in a Shokugeki despite the fact that Sōma had more time to prepare his dish idea.

Cooking SkillsEdit

  • Flavor Sabotage - One of Etsuya's most powerful weapons is the ability to sabotage his opponent's dishes by presenting flavors in his dish that would clash or otherwise reduce the impact of their dish. Takumi has noted that in at least seven of his Shokugeki matches, he employed this tactic and won.

Misc. SkillsEdit

  • Master Businessman — Despite being a high school student, Etsuya is a notorious businessman across Japan, known to have helped over 500 companies within his very first year at Tōtsuki. His keen knowledge as an entrepreneur has gone as far back as elementary school as he has been shown developing a business model for Tōtsuki that has achieved astronomical gains for the academy within a year.


Hainan Ji Fan Anime

Hainan Ji Fan

  • Hainan Ji Fan - Etsuya's dish for his Shokugeki battle against Sōma. Hainan Ji Fan is offered as a set meal of boiled satsuma jidori (which is a type of high quality poultry) garnished with cilantro, jasmine rice that was cooked in the water used to boil the satsuma jidori and a side of salad. The dish comes with a side of three sauces: a chili sauce that also uses satsuma jidori boiling water, a ginger sauce which contains the oil that was used from frying the satsuma jidori and siu-dahm. It is also known as Khao Man Kai, Singapore Chicken Rice, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and other various names. It is a popular dish and a staple on menus all across the region of southeast Asia.
Roast Beef of Temptation

Roast Beef of Temptation~Etsuya Eizan Edition

  • Roast Beef of Temptation~Etsuya Eizan Edition - Etsuya made this dish against Takumi Aldini in the 3rd Bout of the Rebels Vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine. Roast beef made with heat permeated into the meat's very core that the cross section is a brilliant shade of pink. This dish is accompanied with a cream sauce made with horseradish, fresh cream, yogurt and a heavy amount of artichoke hearts (which contain Cynarine) and causes the next dish to become sweet as cake in order to sabotage his opponent's dish. In other words the taste of this dish is like an inescapable illusion.


  • Elite Ten Council - Etsuya is the former 7th and 9th seat of the Elite Ten Council. He currently holds the 8th seat.

Cooking Duels RecordEdit

Rivals Culinary
Dish Stipulations Results Record
Eizan Vs. Various Tōtsuki Students
Eizan Vs. Kabutoyama Shokugeki
Yukihira Vs. Eizan Shokugeki

Rebels Vs Central Régiment de Cuisine Edit

Round Rival Culinary
Dish Results


  • Etsuya (枝津也) uses the kanji for "branch" (枝 E), "harbor" (津 Tsu), and "sum of money" (也 Ya). Eizan (叡山) means "imperial mountain". It is also another name of Mount Hiei, a sacred mountain in Japan.


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