Curry Soy-Natto Rice
Anime | Manga
Curry Soy-Natto Rice (anime)
Other Name Charcoal Natto Curry Rice
Chef Ryōko Sakaki
Primary Ingredients Charcoal-burned Natto
Soy-Sauce Shiokōji
Cuisine Type Japanese
Dish Type Curry Rice
Menu Category Main Course
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 54
Anime Debut Episode 23

Curry Soy-Natto Rice is a dish made by Ryōko Sakaki during the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election's Preliminary Round.


A home made ingredient by Ryōko Sakaki, this dish not only possesses nice fragments of the home made Natto but also consists of Soy-Sauce Shiokōji, a flavor with a little spice for enhancement! The taste of the non-sticky Natto and the special Shiokōji is so good as if the soy-sauce added the spice even if it doesn't look like one!


  • Charcoal-burned fragmented Natto
  • Rice
  • Self made Soy-sauce Kōji

Real Facts Edit



  • This is the first dish ever to be displayed by Ryōko.
  • Like Ikumi Mito's and Akira Hayama's dish, Ryōko's dish is made by self-sufficient ingredients, especially her homemade Natto and Shiokōji.