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Chapter 179 Japanese
Part of Volume 21
Japanese Title 対面
Rōmaji Taimen
Arc Promotion Exams Arc
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Opponent is the 179th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.


Yukihira and his friends encounter Rindō the second seat. Yukihira and Takumi are excited by the fact that they get to face off with members of the Elite Ten so much so that they cannot even sleep the night after. The next day, the train stops at a station and they are greeted by Kobayashi Rindou. Souma thinks that his opponent might be Rindō but in the end, they were greeted by Hayama Akira. Wearing the central badge on his shirt, he is introduced as the Elite Ten Ninth Seat. Proclaiming that he has risen far above Yukihira, the examination with Yukihira's expulsion on the line begins.

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