Board Game
Japanese | English
Chapter 150 Japanese
Part of Volume 18
Japanese Title ボードゲーム
Rōmaji Bōdogēmu
Arc Central Arc
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Previous Heaven and Hell
Next The Outbreak of War

Board Game is the 150th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot SummaryEdit

Azami enters the dorm, however, he only wanted to talk with Erina rather than bring her back to the family mansion. Fumio also reveals to the current residents that Azami was also an alumnus from the Polar Star Dorm. Azami was also a former First Seat and was the Third Seat during his first year just before Senzaemon banned him from the academy.

Azami explains that he did not want to intentionally destroy the dorm, but it has ties to an organization that he wants to destroy in order to realize his dreams to the academy. After he talks to everybody, he leaves the dorm and prepares to take Erina again after he refines his skills.

Sōma goes outside and asked Azami if he has an emotional attachments to the dorm. Azami does not react but says he admires Jōichirō Saiba. Afterwards, Sōma reveals that Jōichirō is his father, and Erina is standing right behind them.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


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