The Battle Has Begun
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Chapter 143 Japanese
Part of Volume 17
Japanese Title 火蓋は切られた
Rōmaji Hibuta wa kira reta
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The Battle Has Begun is the 143rd chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot SummaryEdit

Etsuya lackeys at the dorm

Etsuya's lackeys demanding the dorm members to make an exit

Etsuya Eizan's fifty-man group has arrived in the Polar Star Dormitory, asking for their compulsory eviction. Hisanao Kageura watches the fight and complains on how much is Eizan going to insult Sōma Yukihira. Fumio Daimidō asks the Polar Star if they want to just leave the dorm and live as ordinary students. However, they seem to want to support Sōma at all costs.

In the kitchen, Sōma is still preparing his ingredients and is still in a good mood despite Eizan telling him there is no way to win. Sōma has announced to use Gyoza as the dish. Eizan continues on mocking Sōma in order to lessen his morale. However, the insults did not work and Sōma is completely lax.

Polar Star defense

The Polar Star rallies and defends their dorm

Back in the dorm, the residents defend their dorm with a firefighting hose while the others have prepared long sticks as weapons which were leftovers by the Golden Age generation of the dorm when they are raided due to their rapid expansion. Meanwhile, Etsuya is still wondering why Sōma is still not submitting to his will despite all of his efforts to lower the latter's morale. Sōma casually tells him that he must do the talking with their dish, which Eizan states that he will be doing just that.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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