The Nakiri Bloodline
Japanese | English
Chapter 135 Japanese
Part of Volume 16
Japanese Title 薙切の血族
Rōmaji Nakiri no Ketsuzoku
Arc Central Arc
Episode(s) 43
Chapter Navigation
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Next The Captive Queen

The Nakiri Bloodline is the 135th chapter of Shokugeki no Soma.

Plot SummaryEdit

In a flashback, the Elite Ten Council reaches a conclusion to replace their current director, showing the concerned faces of Satoshi Isshiki, Terunori Kuga, Tōsuke Megishima and Erina Nakiri. The Academy's staff are shocked beyond words after hearing such decision while the students went on to their daily lives even to an eerie degree. Azami Nakiri then makes his appointment speech, promising to take Tōtsuki to further progress. After the speech, he shows off his "brighter" side, brushing off rumours of him being a biased man among the crowd. Erina's guests during the Moon Banquet Festival talks about this, concluding that Azami is probably confident that everything will go his way. Returning back to the Nakiri Mansion, Azami thanks Hisako Arato for her hard work and tells her that she is now relieved of her duties as Erina's secretary, greatly shocking her and Erina. Back at the Polar Star Dorm, a sudden visitor comes to see Sōma Yukihira.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


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