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I think are good friend Kojirō shinomiya was whistle blower who told senzaemon on what azami was doing to erina his daughter and was part of the crew that took him down I know he has scares on what

I think are good friend Kojirō shinomiya was whistle blower who told senzaemon on what azami was doing to erina his daughter and was part of the crew who took him down

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Are you just Neogundam with a new username?

Chapter 230 reveals he admit he likes Azami's Ideal on True Gourmet part, but somehow feels mixed up/whim and don't want to be involved with any feuds between Azami Admin & opposing food industries. Yet finds the Ideals happen to be too extreme/gone too far.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we got Shokugeki version of Jason Todd. Check his ending in Injustice 2, similar role about agreeing with dictator side, but don't really want anything to do with the feuds, & yet cannot let the side gone too far for their dictatorship methods.

He is not agreement with it he is mocking it really he has different ideas what fine food is and he has scares what he saw his investors know and his two right hand men know the three of his employees or friends know becuse azami takeover every employee knows what he saw azami sunk into after the death of his wife and what erina went into was even worse it has scares him emotionally and even physically and had an effect on his personality even.
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